iPhones and my hatred for them

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I have never been a fan of apple products, we have had the iPods in the past and I borrowed an iPad for a while and disliked that, I used a Mac at work and hated that so when Allan was due his upgrade on his mobile contract last year, put off by the problems the Samsung 7 was having and he decided to get an iPhone instead, I told him they were pants but he didn’t listen to me and got one.  we have always had Samsung in the past and have never had any problem but this iPhone has been a nightmare from start to finish.  

I have never seen what everyone’s fascination about iPhones is, to be honest,  you have to piss around with iTunes, just to get music on them.  most of the apps for them are crap compared to Android. you can’t customise them as much as you can an Android.  Personally, I am a big fan of GoSMS Pro for all the funky text themes and background pics you can get.  anyhoo.. back to this iPhone. 

For the first few months, it was fine. He used it but his work app kept crashing so he had problems logging on and off. then the phone started turning itself on and off while charging.  then it started doing it all the time.  so we took it in January to Stormfront in Maidstone.  they checked it out.. which took over a week, and told us it was a fault, so replaced it. with supposedly another unlocked phone.  we had got the original one unlocked because Allan decided Alex could have it and Allan we going to go back to his Samsung.  So again we had to go through EE to get it unlocked.   that took a couple of weeks for them to sort out. which brings us to last week.  finally unlocked and Alex puts his sim card in and sets it up, and within a few days, this one starts crashing and going to the apple logo constantly.  we call up ee they arrange for me to take it to Stormfront in Maidstone again. I get there.  they tell me that its a software problem and I have to pay £10 for a hard reset. or I could go home and try it.   well, I figure it cost me more than £10 to get there in fuel and parking so if it doesn’t work at home I would have to come back anyway. so I paid up.  she reset it and says there is nothing wrong with it.. so I bring it home, Alex gets in from school, puts his sim in and yep it does it again within half an hour.  resulting on one very stressed kid, So Allan phones ee again,  they tell him to contact Apple support.  this time they said to take it to Bluewater apple shop.so the next day off I go and they check out the phone. and its a fault with the actual phone.  resulting in getting a new replacement. which reminds me I still need to call Stormfront in Maidstone and bollock them and try and get a refund of the ten pounds. :/ 
Anyway, I get home with the new phone.  now because we don’t want a pissed off teenager should any problems happen again.. I give Allan the choice.  he either has the iPhone, I have his Samsung 6 and Alex has my Samsung 5, nope he doesn’t want the fucking phone as he hates them now.  Alex doesn’t want the iPhone as he prefers Samsung as well, he loved his old one before it got smashed by his mate being stupid.  so guess who ended up with the iPhone.  yep me… Allan is happy as a pig in shite as he has his Samsung.  Alex is happy as he has my old Samsung. and I am stuck with a piece of shite iPhone. until Allan’s next upgrade and then I will have his old Samsung.. his new upgrade will be SAMSUNG! 

I have only been using this poxy phone a day and already I hate it even more.  they are so boring and limited compared to Samsung and android.  

I don’t even feel any  satisfaction out of telling Allan “I told you not to get an iPhone” because he now has realised.. I was bloody right. 

Never again will an Apple product enter this house…