Hustle and Bustle of the Beach (yeah another rant)

There’s truly nothing like a day at the beach. Sun, balmy ocean breeze, clean seawater, good food, and good company, fresh air for the kids, Life is good. That is until those without good beach etiquette arrive and feel the need to squat right on top of you.
What is it about people who feel the need to sit so close you can feel the heat radiate off their skin? There’s tons of space, we can be the only two families on the beach, but you want to snuggle with me?

Move the fuck over!
We always get to the beach hours before anyone we leave early in the day to avoid the traffic if its a fair distance away,  so once we are there we can enjoy the peace and quiet that the beach and sea can offer. I love watching the sun over the water, it glistens so pretty.

You can hear the gulls as they chatter among themselves. Peaceful. Relaxing. We avoid the places where you get the holiday crowds.. we love living ten, fifteen mins drive from the closest beach Leysdown on Sea …be it if we want a beach just to sit on or  if we want the hustle and bustle with amusements. No matter where we go,  that is where the hoards come, I love living in the South of England as we have every type of beach going from shells, stones, or pure sand and even dunes, all within an hour or two’s drive from us… be it staying in Kent or going to East Sussex to Camber.
Anyway back to the hoards, when they arrive. All one million rude beach goers that want to sit right on top of me. Seriously I know the beaches have been busy but why when there is loads of space do they have to put their towel right down next to our blanket.
They move in with all their unnecessary beach stuff. None of them know how to put up and umbrella so it stays put. None of them understand that sand should stay on the beach and not flying randomly about as they shake out their towels or run by you at 60mph.


I gave up smoking so my son didn’t have to breath in cigarette smoke which of course makes his asthma worse… and here I have some rude person sitting and smoking right in our faces yes thats another thing that pisses me off… And then they bury their dog ends in the sand..

None of them understand that we don’t throw the trash around us we get up and put it in the bins provided and if there are none handy.. here is a novel idea we take it home and dispose of it there..
And finally while we are outside, we really do not have to shout at each other. Quiet indoor voices work well.

Now my favourite times to go to the beach is before and after the school summer holidays but we have been known to go during as well but now all the kids are back at school the weather is usually still great.. So that’s where We intend to go on our next sunny day out…….. To the beach  Hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend.

I understand that not everyone is as lucky as we are to have a choice of beaches to go to and that some may only see them on a weeks holiday once a year but please… have thought for those around you…


A glimpse of spring/summer

The last week or so we have had beautiful weather. The sun has shone its been warmer and we have been able to get out and about.
I’m really looking forward to the Easter holidays when the kids break up from school only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to go now and that’s it.. I have outings planned for the Easter Break and summer holidays.
We have a cub camp coming up in June & its getting time to prepare for the other activities planned.
Our mini holiday to Camber sands is also coming up in May and we have said we would take one of Alex’s friends with us and of course our little weekend house guest most likely.
The weather may have turned colder and wetter again although today was quite sunny again and slightly warmer  and we had a few downpours but it’s still not been that bad. At least it was ok for the Easter Egg hunt for the cubs last Thursday. I had visions of them trawling the woods for plastic eggs covered in mud.
We have this weekend and then I will be counting down the hours till next Wednesday when they break up from school and then they go back to school. 
And I will be saying I can’t wait till Summer I want new flip-flops, although with all the rain we have had this winter Im sure my toes should already be webbed like flippers.

Day 3: Letting them burn off energy before they destroy the house! Priceless


The start of a new week and being Monday we decided that we should take the boys and Amber somewhere for Lunch… The place chosen by the boys was Morrison’s… No really.. They love the kids Ham sandwich boxes with the drink, the frube, the puzzle and pencil, the freddo chocolate bar and the bag of fruit… but we My dad and I were also told to get the fish and chips… granddad has beans with his and I have pea’s . Amber chose a quarterpounder cheese burger and chips.

The boys scoffed theirs down before ours even came to the table…   As soon as our fish and chips arrived they are like vulture’s  both love the crispy ends of the cod so Ali had granddad’s and Alex had mine.. and I’m not talking a little bit im talking a good 1/3 of the fish each… they then have the middle section each as they like the white meat.    (they love cod)  leaving us with the rest… Ali eats both the pea’s and the beans…… Alex scoffs more chips…. Amber can’t believe where they put it all says she will never managed to eat all hers but even her plate was empty by the time it was time to leave… and she had no help from either of the boys. 

We get home and they have some cream cake that we got from Morrison’s each as well .. Granddad goes home to sleep off his dinner and we sit… the boys are getting more and more bored now… we can’t swing a cat in the front room as all the stuff is in there from the hall way as we are waiting for Ambers bed to be delivered tomorrow.

Now they are throwing a ball up and down the stairs asking if Adam can come round… I decided the best way to cure this is to take them up the park so we get Jo and Adam and all go up King Georges… We Sit in the shade while the boys play and play and run around for a couple of hours… shame the little cafe is shut on a monday they would have made a killing today.. As it goes I took a bottle of Apple water so at least the kids had a drink. ..  It is hot and sunny out… Summer has officially started.

we get back making a quick stop on the way back at tesco express to get some scones and have some tea with scones and fresh jam and cream on them.   Allan hoses the dog down and he loves it… fingers crossed the hosepipe ban doesn’t come back on..  as the dog smells so much better.

End result is two very tired boys go to bed and fall asleep straight away the only downside of the day is Ali has cut his foot on the training cones for the football set when he was messing around with them in the garden.  I have cleaned it up and put a bandage on it as Ali hates plasters……… plus it’s actually quite a big cut…

Fingers crossed that is the only Owie we have in the summer!

The Summer Holidays are here!

Day 1 of the summer holidays and guess who came out of hiding… what a lovely day we have had.

Less than two weeks now before we go away for our holiday and I have to admit I cant wait I am really looking forward to it.. Just to get away from the house as its been a long time coming.

This week is going to be a nightmare.. trying to find time to do everything.. I need to get the back room cleared. and I mean cleared… I have the new bed and mattress arriving on Tuesday  I need to pick up the wardrobes from Jo.. and the room is still a junk room.  Its not helping that tomorrow  (Sunday) Allan is bowls… monday I am out shopping for some bits in Canterbury and oh guess what.. yes the bed comes Tuesday… so guess who it is going to be running around clearing the room tomorrow.   Maybe we can get a little done tonight but I’m not holding my breath.

by the end of the week that room needs to become a bedroom… that’s hopefully after we have found a new home for the huge fish tank that is in there… well whoever has it will have to be able to carry it down stairs .

In the meantime its a lovely evening.. its been hot and sunny all day… one of the nicest days so far of the non-existent summer we have had and guess what mug was indoors most of the day cooking a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings because Allan is out tomorrow.

There are only 76 days until Christmas!

I know a lot of people don’t want to even know about christmas yet, Especially when we are going through and Indian Summer and its still 67 degree’s out there and its 2.34am, Its still been warm out although admittedly a little damp at times but the sun has still been shining the majority of the time and the boys still haven’t even needed a jumper really at school never mind a coat… one of the Joys of living in the south east of England in Kent I guess. Although I think most of the country is having this prolonged summer.

Anyway.. I am actually running late this year.. I only just got the Christmas cake made the other day but to compensate for the 4 weeks lack of feeding it I left the fruit to soak in Brandy, whisky and sherry for two days.. all in all 1/2 Pint of Alcohol was soaked up. and the same with the fruit for the christmas puddings……

Christmas Cake just out of the Oven


Three Christmas Puddings steaming



We spent all day steaming those today.. got them on as soon as the roast dinner was cooked..  8 hours steaming……… hey ho… 

Christmas Puds turned out after 1st steaming.. they now need wrapping in tinfoil.. feeding even more and then re putting back into the basins and steaming again for three hours at christmas.


I finally feel like I’m Organised now for christmas……. I’m not going silly this year on toys for the boys … They will get one or two things but no point in getting them loads of stuff they will

A. Never Play with

B. Ali will destroy anyway bearing in mind he doesn’t really “Do” Toys except the odd construction ones and we have enough of that stuff to supply ToysR Us.

C. Gets left out all over the bedroom floor and I end up throwing it all away anyway..

I will probably get the geeky bits Alex wants like his chemistry set and telescope… oh and the monster magic kit…

Ali has only asked for one thing.. a kind of construction toy that you use foam and saw it with plastic saw’s, put it together with plastic nails etc. He saw it on tv and its the only thing he has said.. “I want one of those” So when I saw it I put it away..

Oh and we have a couple of Nano Hexbug things. they wanted. actually I got those in the summer holidays when the boys wanted them.. put them away and forgot about them so now they can have them for christmas 🙂

And I have already got their annuals  Alex has Horrid Henry… and Ali has Humf .. (Allan’s choice not mine…… but then Ali shows no interest in anything much and at least he liked peppa pig and Humf on the tv when he was little or it goes on for some reason when he isn’t well

The other thing Ali wants is a blue Birdie… well blue budgie to be exact and Alex did say he wanted a bird as well so although we have a cage upstairs.. by the time i get new bits for it and perches it will be cheaper to buy an new cage and get two birds for it.. and then hang it from a wall bracket so the dog cant get at them or knock the stand flying with his clumsy arse..

They haven’t asked for it but Dad Has got them a Proper Hornby train set…  really nice… WW2 theme… (fits in with Alex and his geeky history tenancies lol )  We just need to get a huge bit of ply and make a base now so the track can be screwed down and it hung from the spare/ back room ceiling.  The plan is that is can be raised and lowered as and when the boys……. (using that term very lightly because we all know this boy toy train set will be played with my dad and Allan the most lol )

What I do need to pick up is another Wii controller and a few more Wii Games for the boys…… No point in getting DS games as we can erm download all the ones they like onto their R4 card.

Other than That I cant think what to get them… wont be much else……. as I said Ali doesn’t do toys and Alex is geeky anyway.

Other than that It will be the usual booze for the old man..

Allan wants a new pair of whal Beard trimmers as his are just about had it…. and Will probably get him some more Jamersons Irish Whisky  if Its on offer again this year..

If we do a Secret Santa this year I will need to pick something up for that..

and then it will be get Jo and Adam something oh and the girls……… Now that will be something to think about…..

After Tammy’s little show over the last 12 months and last week especially……. Both my dad and Allan have said she has blown any chance of a present  over christmas but I feel I should get her a little something and Again a little something for Amberleigh.. we have told her that she wont get the usual stash now she is over 18 but I will get her a little something special.  Well at least at the moment she is visiting every week even if its just for a few hours…..

I will get my Brother and Sister in Law their usual box of Choc Biscuit’s 

And that’s about it present wise this year…….

If Allan wants to get his family something then he can but I refuse to do it  that’s down to him we established that years ago … Mind you after my status about his sister and her party I wonder if they will bother with Allan and the boys anyway lol

When it comes to Allans other family  to be honest we are all in the same boat and cant afford much so we kinda have an unwritten rule that we dont buy for them and the kids and they dont buy for us which suits us fine really.

So that’s it really christmas sorted….. No doubt The boys list may be subject to change.. but I repeat I am not going silly lol

BBQ in October in 90 degrees farenheit!!

Can you believe it , This weekend we have had a BBQ and the boys have had a paddling pool out its been 30c  which is 86 Fahrenheit today and yesterday when we did have the BBQ with Tammy and her friend Jipzee over according to our thingy it was over 90 and yes I think it was right.  its October 3rd… No we are not is some far off country  we are in Sittingbourne in Kent UK…

the weather we have had for the last week has been nicer than most of the summer holiday… Dont get me wrong its not been a bad summer, its been hot but we have had a fair amount of overcast days

They have forecast snow soon… WTF  the boys are wearing shorts and shirts to school this week, it seems strange that in three weeks time they could be wearing their coats hats and gloves……… Time will tell..

What I will say is its been a trying weekend to say the least………

I cant remember if I have mentioned it before but Tamara did a hit and run at Christmas last year.. two days after Christmas once she had got her haul she buggered off… next thing is in the summer holidays we get a text to say she wants to go to Canterbury with her friends and she wants her money,that she got for her birthday and christmas it was about £35.. we said no unless she comes over as that is to spend when she is with us.. well funny enough two weeks later she came over with Amber  who I will say usually visits every week on a Monday saying she wants her money to go clothes shopping , so she got her birthday money plus an extra £10 she went clothes shopping came back to the house, showed us and then pissed off home not to be heard from again.. until about a week and a half ago when she texted Allan to ask if she can come over on the 1st October with her friend for a few hours… he said of course….. they are both welcome… but the cynical me thought she is only coming because it is her birthday on the Tuesday (oct 4th) and she thinks she will get her birthday money when she comes…

Thing is this year it was amber’s 18th birthday so she got a couple of presents plus £100 in cash off us and £50 off my dad but we did say that was it now no more big presents until her 21st… just a little something to unwrap if you know what I mean..
anyway I’m sure Tamara is expecting the same kind of present.. and my dad who didn’t even get a thank you for her Christmas present from him has said he will give her £10 in a card and she can have it on or after her birthday but not before and I’m tempted to just pick her up a little something as a gift.. new shirt or something. and give her no cash… I’m positive this is the only reason she is coming over…
Am I being too cynical. Amber comes every week even though she thinks that she wont even get a Christmas present. well only a box of chocs or something, I don’t expect them to stay over but I do expect her to keep in contact expect when she wants something.. its winding me right up

In a way I wish I could have said  its inconvenient for her to come , we had made plans to take the boys to a museum they wanted to go to for a Viking workshop we paid £9 each for (have i mentioned my boys are nerdy geeks lol ) but we will have to cancel because she is coming and Allan feels our names would be mud if we said no she cant come that day. as its only the second time she has come over since christmas last year..
I just want to slap her lol

Anyway because the weather is like hot hot hot I decide to do a BBQ so get in the stuff… Tammy even texts in the morning to say can she bring even another friend over… we say yes again……

he then went to the shops and got some more bits so we would have more than enough for us and Tammy and her friends .. Tammy came about 12pm  in the end with only one friend as she couldn’t be bothered to knock for the other one :-/ anyway she was totally ignorant all day really her friend said more than she did and even then I think her friend was more interested in the snakes and ZZ as we got them out for a little while to enjoy the sun..  to be honest it was hard work getting a word out of either of them plus we had loads of food so I ran around and asked Jo if both her and Adam would like to pop round for a BBQ which they did, the boys all enjoyed playing in the garden and in the tiny paddling pool that Ali got out along with his bag of play balls and the play tents  anyway about 6pm Tammy turned to allan and said she wanted to go now.. so he went to get the car out the drive as mine was blocking his in. anyway i was in the garden with the boys and Jo noticed that the girls had gone.. they left both without a goodbye or thank you. when Allan got back i asked if they had said anything to him and he said all he got when they got out of the car was see you……….. … I’m Actually quite fuming.. As I said its her birthday on Tuesday and ive a good mind to stick a fiver in a card and just post it to her………. When Amber comes on her own or with her friend she always says good bye and even her friends come and say bye … its manners something that I’m afraid Tammy didn’t have at all.

I think what peeves me off the most is where I have been ill I admit the house has become cluttered etc so I had a major Blitz around and really knocked myself out tidying up and of course getting the stuff out and sorted for the BBQ getting extra chairs down from the loft … I’m still finding it hard getting over this bronchitis and can only do a little at a time…..   so now I feel like I have taken a couple of steps back in recover.. 😦

And even today (Sunday) we haven’t even had a text off her to say thank-you 😡

Feelin Hot Hot Hot!!

Yesterday and today have been the hottest if not the most humid days of the year so far..

It made me laugh the other night.. after de-cluttering our room we found the tower fan that used to be in the boy’s room.

I plugged it in by the side of my bed and we used it two nights ago.. Last night I went to turn it on and it was missing…

Alex feeling hot had gone into our room and nicked the fan lol it was right next to his bunk bed.. oh well.

Today I went and bought another oscillating fan it was only £10 but its a good one on a stand…

Yes I know we have one or even more fans up in the attic but god knows where… give me a break the bedroom is relativity clutter free

the spare room and the attic is still packed with junk…

Looking forward to going to bed with a cool breeze tonight..