Finally I can sleep in a Brand new bed…..

Sob story……….. In my whole life…….. well Adult life I should say  I have never had a new bed……….

When I first got my own place years ago I had a bed given to me by a friend..
I had that bed for erm  about 20 years…….. 
When Allan and I got this house……… My mum and dad gave us their old spare double bed… the mattress was terrible I ended up putting a memory foam mattress topper on it…….  Which did the job until we had Teal’c.  When he was about 6 months old he went up to the room one day while we were out and chewed it to shreds.. we came back home to foam everywhere.   I struggled on the old mattress on it but my back killed me… then I got really ill and spent a long time sleeping on a chair downstairs…….   once I was better about 9 months later I did go back to bed upstairs again but we kept saying we needed a new bed…..  

we started moving things around when Amber and the boys switched rooms and our room got used as a bit of a storage room… so we both ended up sleeping on the sleep sofa every night…  and I found that more comfortable than the bed so that’s were we stayed… Shelbys cot went up in our room so  it was basically a room for her and a store room..  we got the sleep sofa out every night and put it away every day… Then decided that when Allan started working nights he needed somewhere quiet for him to sleep in the day.. so we decided that we needed a new bed… So we ordered one from ebay.. We got the same one we bought Amber when she moved it… An otterman one that lifts up for extra storage inside… with a sprung memory foam mattress.   One it was delivered… They didn’t turn up the day it was supposed to but it did come the next day.. and we had put it together… the first night…….. I couldn’t sleep… I was so used to sleeping on the sleep sofa.. it felt too soft………. but then I soon got used to it……… 
Come the weekend and Friday night we are back on the sleep sofa as we have Shelby for the weekend…………. and the sleep sofa felt like sleeping on a board……….  We couldn’t wait until Monday night when we could have our new bed back again… The only draw back is The mornings its very hard to get up at 4am……………

But I can at least say now I have finally had a brand new bed………….  The kids have always had new beds but never me!

This is the type of bed I got.. with loads of storage........ of course its full up under there now

This is the type of bed I got.. with loads of storage…….. of course its full up under there now

What I got for Christmas

I’m not greedy I Don’t expect to see a Michael Kors watch, or a Louis Vuitton bag falling out of my Christmas stocking,


I have got used to the fact that I don’t get presents over the years. My ex never bought me a present in the whole time we were married……. Not for Christmas or birthday…. or any other time come to that matter……


If fact I think the last bit of jewellery that was bought as a present for me was a gold necklace by a very good friend of mine many many years ago long before I even met my ex…… I still have it and wear it constantly to this day…

Allan did get my buffet server for my birthday plus a bottle of Disaronno so I know that finances were limited, In fact he had no finances as I am in charge of the bank card,


So when I mentioned I will post a list of what I got for Christmas you didn’t need to panic… seriously it’s not long.


I got a lovely set of smellies (tried and tested already when I had a lovely long soak the other day)

I got a lovely new apron from my secret santa, They know me well by the look of it…. I have to say they also got the boys a little something and both the dogs. 🙂


My friend Leanne got me a lovely box of chocolates as well ,

And that’s it…….. yep…… total list of my presents..

Of course I always treat us to a present at Christmas, Something we want but would not generally buy for ourselves…….


Last year it was a new camera, This year we got a digital photo frame… granted I forgot to get a new SD card for it but that can be rectified soon.


I have however as mentioned the other day also got a present I bought for Amber, she has been telling us for a long time how she wanted a laptop for Christmas, finances didn’t spring to that… in fact even if we could afford it, I’m certain we wouldn’t be spending that much on a present for a nearly 20 yr old who pays £10 a week board… and has the rest of her money all to herself…. and can still manage to spend it in two days and borrow off us when cash is needed for important things like drink and clothes,


Anyway at the time we couldn’t afford a laptop so we got her a small tablet… the boys had a good 10inch one but hers was only a little 7inch one with a case. total cost I guess about £75

and this was on top of the £70 we had already spent on bits for her. Anyway a few days before Christmas, She was telling us how she had spent more on Christmas this year than ever before.. total cost… under £40 for everyone… and how next year she “Aint spending that much again”

so she is hardly the last of the big spenders……. having already spent quite a bit on her we sat and thought…… and then decided so it… she can have the other bits but I will keep the tablet as I wanted an ereader and it would do the job perfectly.


So Allan gave me the tablet for Christmas….

Just as well really because Amber had £50 for Christmas and when we said she could buy her own if she wanted… she decided that she don’t like the tablets and is going to save up for her own laptop….. because she wants to go on games on Facebook and apparently the tablet is no good for that..


So her loss my gain……




I beat the Sock Monster


I honestly did…

I sat and paired up about 90% of the socks in the box..  

The Ironic thing is two days ago I went and bought the boys some more socks for school because I couldn’t find any school socks, I could find loads of white trainer socks but no dark school socks,  Now they have about 15 pairs each…. :/

Not to mention the fact that I should really sort it out more often as I found about 7 pairs that fitted Adam next door but one and he has tiny feet…  well size 12…. I am used to massive feet as I have just bought the boys some new boots a few weeks back and Alex takes an adult size 7 and Ali an Adult size 6 which may not seem bad until you know that Ali is 6 yrs old and Alex isn’t 9 until December.  *insert look of shock and horror*

I actually managed to get some sleep last night, I gave up on going to bed and have been sleeping on the sofa because of the puppy  aka Molly and her crying…

Last night she slept in her bed until about 1.30am and then cried but that was only because she needed to do a call of nature… once she had piddled on her paper she climbed up on the sofa with me and went straight back to sleep… bonus..   I managed to get back to sleep until I woke up about 6.30am ready to get the boys sorted from school…

I can handle a few mins of being woken up in the night… It’s when she keeps me awake for a couple of hours wanting to play that it takes its toll.

On the subject of Molly, teal’c is loving having her around now.. they play constantly  and when they are tired they lie down and rest……… most of the time together..

We didn’t want to sit on the sofa anyway



little and large by my feet as I sit at the PC

Day 3: Letting them burn off energy before they destroy the house! Priceless


The start of a new week and being Monday we decided that we should take the boys and Amber somewhere for Lunch… The place chosen by the boys was Morrison’s… No really.. They love the kids Ham sandwich boxes with the drink, the frube, the puzzle and pencil, the freddo chocolate bar and the bag of fruit… but we My dad and I were also told to get the fish and chips… granddad has beans with his and I have pea’s . Amber chose a quarterpounder cheese burger and chips.

The boys scoffed theirs down before ours even came to the table…   As soon as our fish and chips arrived they are like vulture’s  both love the crispy ends of the cod so Ali had granddad’s and Alex had mine.. and I’m not talking a little bit im talking a good 1/3 of the fish each… they then have the middle section each as they like the white meat.    (they love cod)  leaving us with the rest… Ali eats both the pea’s and the beans…… Alex scoffs more chips…. Amber can’t believe where they put it all says she will never managed to eat all hers but even her plate was empty by the time it was time to leave… and she had no help from either of the boys. 

We get home and they have some cream cake that we got from Morrison’s each as well .. Granddad goes home to sleep off his dinner and we sit… the boys are getting more and more bored now… we can’t swing a cat in the front room as all the stuff is in there from the hall way as we are waiting for Ambers bed to be delivered tomorrow.

Now they are throwing a ball up and down the stairs asking if Adam can come round… I decided the best way to cure this is to take them up the park so we get Jo and Adam and all go up King Georges… We Sit in the shade while the boys play and play and run around for a couple of hours… shame the little cafe is shut on a monday they would have made a killing today.. As it goes I took a bottle of Apple water so at least the kids had a drink. ..  It is hot and sunny out… Summer has officially started.

we get back making a quick stop on the way back at tesco express to get some scones and have some tea with scones and fresh jam and cream on them.   Allan hoses the dog down and he loves it… fingers crossed the hosepipe ban doesn’t come back on..  as the dog smells so much better.

End result is two very tired boys go to bed and fall asleep straight away the only downside of the day is Ali has cut his foot on the training cones for the football set when he was messing around with them in the garden.  I have cleaned it up and put a bandage on it as Ali hates plasters……… plus it’s actually quite a big cut…

Fingers crossed that is the only Owie we have in the summer!

So much going on at the moment

I know I know, I promise I will keep up to day on my blog but then life takes over and I never seem to have time,
We have had a lovely Facebook friend I am proud to have met,  Vickie stay with us for a while.

The boys have had loads of things going on at school, Thankfully now they have broken up for half term Its a scary thought not long to go until the summer holidays.

Alex has joined the cubs and Ali the beavers and they love it.. there was a BBQ and activities evening the other day at the main scout building and I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff there or how big it was.

you are not really allowed to take pictures there but Allan managed to sneak in a couple. The boys haven’t been inaugurated yet so didn’t wear their uniform (however I have it ready ) The should be invested in a few weeks they cant wait to get their badges . Allan is thinking about helping out…  That should be interesting .

What else have we been up to? Ah yes…
We went sea fishing over at Barton Point…

Again the boys loved being out and about. Allan and Alex did the fishing thing, Ali sat by the sea getting soaked and Vickie and I stayed most of the time in the shelter… I am getting more mobile but have to say getting up and down and out and about on the very loose shingle and stones was not easy.  but this time 4 months ago i wouldn’t have been able to get out of the car so things are getting a lot better. Health wise I have been perfect. with the exception of what I think is a little hay fever my chest is clear still.   Slowly starting to get my life back.  Still get very tired and still in quite a bit of pain but what Allan doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him lol I use the famous words… I’m alright!

We also went over to leysdown for a day out with the boys, first we went to the amusements, did some bowling and then we went over to leysdown and did some metal detecting on the beach.

Alex had Bagheera for the day, the class stuffed Animal that was adopted, So we took Bagheera to the park.

And on another day out we took the dog for a walk to capstone park…. fantastic place there the boys loved it.

What else have we been up to… Oh yes, Last but not least the boys have had a jubilee party at school. and yesterday I got into the spirit and made them some cakes, They have another Jubilee party to go to with the scouts on Tuesday as well so their red white and blue clothes will have lots of use.


So as you can see, I really have been busy and not had time to update 🙂

As I always say I will try and do better next time.

Going…. Going….. It’s Going!!!

I’m impressed with my will power… so you will have to excuse my blowing my own trumpet here lol … I weighed myself sat morning and had only lost 1lb so was a bit gutted to be honest.. as it was only a total of 9lb since I started on Monday. so Saturday I really upped the anti I did my usual exercise.. then we went off for a very long walk round moat park (the place is huge) … and in the evening we all played on the wii so we did bowling, tennis. etc plus i had a wii jog lol Sunday I didn’t weigh in at all, Allan and I had both decided that Sundays were a naughty but nice day.. were we would lapse a little so we could have Sunday dinner etc.. so we did although we did have smaller portions I avoided the Yorkshire pudding etc and instead of having half an apple pie with custard i just had a slither , in the evening I even had a bag of crisps (baked so lower fat than normal ones and only 103 cal a pack) anyway I got on the wii today to weigh in expecting to have gained a couple of lb and to my surprise I have lost another 6lb I have reached my 3 week goal of a stone already. so now need to set another goal. I realize that this week is a lot of water loss so it’s not going to happen again… should I set another 1 stone over three week goal or should I go for it and go over 2 weeks Hmmmm wonder what is the most realistic type of goal to set. ?

Anyway here  are a few pics of the Dog Walk around Moat Park It was lovely when we started but a black cloud came rolling over and the heavens opened up for all of a few seconds… we did have a lovely double rainbow though.

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What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?!!???


Total bad luck so far…

Rear tail light smashed… Allan backs out of our driveway into a parked truck behind

Allan made redundant 😯
Hence the reason I don’t get to update this blog as often as I would like and don’t get to spend as much time on the pc, although this does have a plus side as he doesn’t have to see the mother in law from hell all the time. 😈

Smashed rear screen on my car Just what I needed on the last day of school, Thank God for insurance although it still cost us £75 😡

Two panes of glass broken on the green house and the annoying thing is I could see this going to happen as we were standing on the patio when the dog saw the cat on the fence on that side fo the garden. the cat jumped onto the green house roof

(dog chasing cat in garden and jumped up at it.. thankfully dog ok and the cat got away) ok it was only £5 to replace the glass and the dog only nicked himself so a touch of germoline cured all 🙄

Then we had an incident with the pc, and phones ! Both boys were throwing the cushions around in the front room and bashing each other with them (Away from everything I must add) When Allan decided to be a kill joy and told them to put them back on the sofa.. At which point Alex threw the cushion it hit the sofa, bounced off and hit a coffee cup on the side table all over the pc which had the htc desire and cordless house phones both on charge on top of it…. a very quick grab of the phone’s and into my terry dressing gown to wipe it, and turn the pc off and get that all out and stripped and dried out for 24 hours.

(thankfully all seemed to be ok and are working fine after a lot of drying out and rice but could potentially have been a well over a £1000, pillow-fight  😳 )

Then the next day the boys were messing around upstairs and Ali’s glasses somehow got broken and i mean broken the arm snapped right off, now bearing in mind his poxy frames were from a designer range which is no longer in stock and he has reaction lenses as well so we were going to have to get a new pair made up, that was going to cost about £150 to replace thankfully they had a pair which were their old display ones so could take the clear glass out and put his in and because we go so often they didn’t charge although the frames have some scratches in the plastic but not even noticeable once they are on

The next thing was I got up the other day and went to go on the pc to look at our rather pathetic balance in the bank to decide if I can put some petrol in my car and do some shopping I go to get MY reading glasses out of the case I keep by the pc and the arm is snapped off… now I have an old pair with exactly the same frames that broke in half by the nose piece once (the dog jumped up and broke them) so thankfully Allan managed to make a good pair out of the two.

Then last but not least so far we have my leg… for months I have not been able to walk properly because of my feet now that is starting to clear up with the use of creams 4 times a day my feet seem to be healing up well and I can now get other shoes on and my bloody leg hurts like Hell, I have pulled the thigh muscle somehow what with this and the pain in my knee where I went down in the ice and bashed them both on the edge of the curb and now I can’t bend my leg. Living on pain killers and a tens machine constantly and having to use a walking stick.

not bad eh all in a matter of less than two weeks…….

On the plus side we took them to the royal engineers museum the other day and it never cost us a penny. thank god for these one year re admittance tickets for places. so at least the boys can say they have been out somewhere in the break when they ask them what they did in the holidays… (which really pisses me off anyway as you feel obligated to take them somewhere )

Lets just hope that things start to get better soon. 😥