Why Am I Not Your Average Housewife!!

I am not a professional writer. I will make grammar & spelling mistakes.

it’s quite simple if you are a member of the grammar police and cringe at every post you see……… give up reading my blog!!

I’m more of a Reluctant Housewife really…  I hate Housework, Love baking  and cooking certain meals, but can’t stand everyday boring cooking when it comes to mundane stuff … 

I Love spending time with my children although at times, when Ali is on one of his missions I may change my mind,
Ali is Autistic and has very limited sight in one eye and to be honest can be very Hard work at times…

I love him to bits and would never be without him but at times I have to say I don’t like him! 😦
please don’t quote me on that!!  oh  and I Hate the school run..

I have a philosophy in life .. A clean house is the sign of a bad mother or a broken computer!

I’m not quite sure who makes the most mess in the house..

The Kids.. The Dog or the Other Half.. AKA Allan… Well actually I think Allan is in the lead…….

Either way I have better things to do with my time then spend my whole life picking up after the men folk.. I say Men folk because apart from when the step daughters are visiting.

I was the only Female in the house.. even the snake and Lizards are male… Dog is Male…  Fish are well fish are fish who knows what they are besides they are no good as back up… However I do now have another female in the house… Gwen The Hamster ,  So far she has proved to be a screeching (when we first got her, Vicious little bitch)  She should fit in well here..
Oh and now we have a couple of female snakes. Although I can’t see them covering my back in times of need!!

Saying that I prefer male company so even the majority of our friends are male haha  a cause of many rumours about me going around the neighbourhood!!

Anyway where was I?  Oh yes

I hate Ironing, cleaning, Laundry, sewing, you know the usual housewife stuff… I have to do it but that doesn’t mean I like doing it..

I have a motto.  do as little as possible as life is short enough already!

My aim is to spend more time on myself now the boys are getting older.. that includes, longer baths and more pampering :)

Get house Decorated.. and I mean the whole house not just the odd room that’s never finished..

Now Ali has started school In theory I have 6 hour’s to myself a day to get on with certain goals I will set myself..

Although dont hold your breath as there is always something more important cropping up,

Basically Im a bored housewife with time on her hands, a foul mouth and an opinion on everything. I have no time for pettiness or cruelty – unless it’s very, very funny. I am an observer of life, and I will share those observations with you. The blog means that at least someone ‘listens’. It includes snapshots of my life, my observations of life and the rantings of a manic, opinionated, screaming woman!!

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